04 August 2007

Searching for More Content for Your Blog?

Blinkx (www.blinkx.com) Blinkx searches over 7 million hours of video. The Blinkx it widget lets you embed a link to related videos, directly into your own blog or site. Safe search filter is provided.

ClipRoller (www.cliproller.com) learns your preferences as you search, allows you to easily publish a video. There is also a ClipRoller ticker for desktop search. !

Flurl (www.flurl.com) Flurl claims to index the best of online video. Flurl also indexes images, audio and flash content. Flurl has an adult filter--and needs it.

Pixsy (www.pixsy.com) media search platform is a media indexing and search platform that distributes a widget to drop a customized image and video search engine on your website.

PureVideo (www.purevideo.com) searches popular video directories and sharing sites, provides a celebrity video directory and returns RSS feeds for each search engine results.

SearchVideo (www.searchvideo.com) is a video search engine from AOL that allows the user to filter videos by cost, length, quality and format, and to search specific sites like YouTube. SearchVideo has a family filter.

TheNewsRoom is totally free to join and give you access and license to embed relevant, timely news videos on your blog or website. You may search by keywords or just browse by topic or news source to find video feeds, video stories, text stories and pictures to mash (publish) to your site.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. This will let me post frequently without letting me running out of ideas for posting.

CyberCelt said...

@aruntheace-You are most welcome. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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