27 October 2006

Hold My Gun While I Moisturize My Face?!?

From Gaming Insider:

Splinter Cell: Double Agent is the most recent release of one of the more successful franchises currently being developed by Ubisoft. The games are a perfect vehicle for in-game advertising, providing opportunities for in-game product placement and virtual outdoor ads. In-game advertising is acceptable and even expected as it is part of the ubiquitious landscape of our everyday life. However, the advertisements must fit into our perception of reality.

Does He Look Like He Uses Nivea?

In an ill-advised foray into in-game advertising, Nivea placed ads for skincare and grooming products for men on Splinter Cell, trying to reach the illusive 18- to 24-year-old market. Nivea learned that products that do not mesh with a game's theme is a bad way to break into in game advertising. Somehow, skin care does not fit into Tom Clancy's world of international anti-terrorism.

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1 comment:

Anak AJaib said...

i think an skin care ads can be placed anywhere you like..even in the cooking site..
as long as the viewers can get the benefit from it...


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