21 February 2007

Death, Addiction and Rape : Is This Advertising?

Marketers Struggle With the 'Dark' Side is a disturbing article as it traces the advertising trend toward the dark side.

  • An ad in Esquire shows a woman, fully clothed in a tight dress and spiked heels, lies on her back, hips raised as a bare-chested man holds her down and four other men look on.
  • Volkswagen pulled a TV ad that featured a man about to commit suicide by jumping off a roof. This is just one of several suicide-themed advertisements being viewed.
  • Bud Light ran an ad for SuperBowl that showed a man bashing his friend with a rock during a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • Coors Light ran an ad in which a man hacked off the bride's head in an ice sculpture to cool the beer.
  • St. Pauli beer implies in an ad that women are disposable; once you're finished you just discard her.
  • Dior touts addiction and death to sell lipstick.

For a look at more offensive ads and to take action, please visit the National Organization for Women's offensive ads web page.

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