12 February 2007

Got Insurance?

I was searching for insurance information and I happened upon the website of Insure 121.

Insure 121 had some great insurance guides with information of use to anyone, no matter where you live. How To Reduce Your Family Car Insurance Premiums is a useful guide for anyone with teens or college-aged children. I liked 5 Ways To Reduce Your Car Insurance Premiums. Did you know that by naming the drivers on your policy, you may save money? Not to mention, you have a reason NOT to let your children drive your car.

They are located in the United Kingdom and offer car insurance as well as access to compare car insurance rates from many companies. They also offer home insurance, travelers insurance, pet insurance and RVing insurance.

As I was browsing, I was amazed to discover that your credit score may be held against you as far as acquiring coverage. I guess the insurance companies think that responsible bill paying is an indicator of your driving ability? Get the scoop, visit Insure 121, sponsor of this post for more information.

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