28 February 2007

Quintura: New Visual Search Engine

Quintura launches a unique search interface with interactive tag cloud and icons.

Add this to your list of social search engines. Quintura, a visual search engine, generates a cloud and a list of search engine results, allowing you to visually navigate and easily refine your search in order to find information faster.

Moms, check out the Quintura for Kids search engine. Next, Quintura for Women.



The Artist said...

Some great material on this site. Will go and look at this site now, best wishes, The Artist

Arnaud Fischer - user-obsessed & competition-paranoid said...

Hey CyberCelt, there is definitely a new disovery paradigm. Internet search is for getting stuff done, in & out navigational tool. Search is also very much about discovery, community-driven recommendation engines. The traditional linear directory navigation model is broken. Most emerging social discovery engines are adopting tag clouds as navigation tools complementing the search box.


Anonymous said...

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