25 February 2007

The Ultimate Gift in theaters on March 9

The Ultimate Gift, a movie starring Abigail Breslin, James Garner, Ali Hillis, Drew Fuller and Brian Dennehy, will be in theaters on March 9. This movie is based on the book, The Ultimate Gift, an underground best seller that has sold 4 million copies around the world. The message of the book and the movie is:
The only way you can truly get more out of life for yourself is to give part of yourself away.
This is the movie that everyone will be talking about! The movie has been prescreened at 300 charity events, which resulted in over $5 million in donations to charity. What is even better is that schools are incorporating the message into their curriculum. The movie also sparked a teen philanthropy initiative called Show Of Hands.

Would you like to be involved? Support the charitable cause of your choice through the unique Weekend Of Giving promotion for The Ultimate Gift. Visit the website and get all the details of the promotion and to find out when this wonderful movie will be in your local theater.

This is the official site of the movie "The Ultimate Gift" and the grass-roots movement its starting to help charities and give to others.

In the meantime, think of the charity you would like to support. If you do not have any preferences, I would ask you to support the Save Darfur Coalition.

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jenny alimondo said...

I love Abigail Breslin so much. This movie is great.

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