30 March 2007

WidSets Beta : Organize Your Spaces and Places

I would not know what a widget is if I had not been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century by, of all things, Blogger. However, now I like the drag and drop interface of widgets.

I like the simplicity of defining a space and assigning it a function, such as a place for links, feeds or pictures. I also like being able to edit these handy spaces, move them around the screen or delete them.

Widgets help us organize our universe. Now, WidSets is going to use a similar interface to help us organize our mobile experience. From the WidSets Beta site:
We are a small group of people with a long internet history and strong mobile background. . . We have also been using social networking services. . . and wanted to make these services available through a cell phone . . .
The widgets come in many languages and include games, email, news, comics and more. First, determine if your mobile device will support WidSets. Then download a WidSet or two from the library and try it out.

WidSets includes user forum and blog. If you are a developer, download a developer widget and write your own. This may be the future of the mobile web. I think I like it. What do you think?

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