12 April 2007

Blog Marketing 101

How do you market your blog? Lately, it seems there are as many ideas about what method to use as there are blogs. My method? A bit of hit and miss. LOL

The first thing I did was syndicate my blog feeds through Feedburner, so they were found and bookmarked. Then I submitted my feeds to blog directories and aggregating services. My feeds were found by BlogBurst, one of the first companies to try and monetize blogs through syndication. My travel blog starting appearing on the websites of the Austin American- Statesman and San Antonio Express News and wound up being featured on the Wall Street Journal, of all publications.

Meanwhile, I joined blog traffic exchanges to discover what other bloggers knew about blog marketing, where I learned of blogrolls and carnivals, which are wonderful opportunities to gain exposure and find like-minded folk. Next, I joined Gather, a social networking site, and learned the power of communities and social snobbery. Recently, I have joined The Blogging Chicks Feedburner Network and have adds appearing in my feeds and on the blogs.

Do not let this happen to you. ManhattanService.com is a Website promotion service features online promotion and Internet advertising services. Submit your blog to the free directories listed on the website or have ManhattanService build your links for you. From optimization to competitive analysis through search engine marketing, it looks like Manhattan Service, sponsor of this post, has DIY tools for you to use or you may hire the professional help you need.

It will be easier than Hit and Miss Marketing, LOL.

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