09 April 2007

Online Home Appraisal Service

I was driving down my street yesterday and I noticed that there was a house for sale. I stopped to get a realty information sheet on the home as it is very close to the size and layout of my home. I could not believe it! The home is listing for $114,500. It is a starter home and has been a rental property since I moved here. It has no landscaping and has not been updated that I know of.

My home, on the other hand, has a new 50-year roof, Hardi-Plank siding, new rain gutters, new air conditioning unit, a new RV carport and huge shed. I also have landscaping, a fenced yard and an extra 200 square feet of living space. While I had not considered selling my home, I am seriously thinking about it now!

It is incredible how house values have skyrocketed. I paid less than $50,000 for this home in 1989. Now it must be worth over $120,000! It seems a little unreal to me, so I found this online house appraisal service and I am going to get a true value.

Perhaps it is time to move? Check the value of your home with ValuesInfo.com, sponsor of this post.

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New York Properties for Sale said...

That's absolutely true. Pricing of the houses are raising beyond the limit! This seems unrealistic however, pricing is varying just because of the need and cost of the plot. However, fluctuations are always expected!

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