01 April 2007

Recapture Your Leads with RegOnline

Whenever I have registered online, there always appears to be one field missing in the online registration form. It might be a check box to receive the discount for signing up early; a drop down menu to indicate I am a sponsor, speaker or vendor; or a field in which I may enter purchase order information or billing instructions.

RegOnline, sponsor of this post, has developed an online registration system that detects incomplete reservations and automatically sends an email to the person who has left the registration process. You may personalize this email with a discount for completing registration online, a 1-800 help desk number, a link to a chat interface with a live assistant, or even an incentive for completing a survey about the company.

Every marketer could use help in online event organization. Whether the event is scheduled for the virtual or the physical world, too many interested people do not complete the online registration process. This recapture tool might be the answer. What do you think?

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