03 May 2007

Quit Worrying About Computer Equipment

When planning your next conference or seminar, you may want to make it easy on yourself by renting the computers and any other type of audiovisual equipment that you need.

Did you know that Computer Rentals.com (CRE) could supply you with all the equipment for your next trade show, convention or meeting? Even better, the computers will arrive the site of your choosing loaded with the operating system and software you want. AND your computers will be delivered and installed by certified technicians. No more running around trying to find that one hotel technician who knows where the projector you reserved might be. No more tripping over computer wires that are not secured. Imagine walking into your meeting and having everything set up and ready to go.

Computer Rentals.com has been in business for 25+ years and is a respected name in the computer rentals industry and audiovisual equipment rental industry. CRE also offers Mac Pro rentals. CRE can help you with your computer rentals throughout the US and Canada. Visit Computer Rentals.com, sponsor of this post, and see how they can simplify your next event.


lucia said...

I'm not going to worry about computer equipment ;) And, guess what? I tagged you with Thinking Blogger Meme! (Cass tagged me; Skeet tagged her.)

CyberCelt said...

@lucia-thank you. I have been tagged with it before, but it is an honor and I will have fun writing up five more bloggers.

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