25 May 2007

Spending More and More Time Online

Netpop | Play is a new study from Media-Screen that explores how users of broadband interact, communicate, and entertain or are entertained online. The media genres of games, movies, music and television are covered by this study, which, according to Media-Screen, will help marketers:
. . . understand how fans of mass media are engaging in entertainment online and how their actions, comments and home-grown content are shaping the new digital media landscape . . . (read more)
These findings may surprise some, especially employers who discover the "spare time" equals "their time." LOL
  • Users of broadband are online 48 percent of their spare time, over 1.5 hours per weekday.
  • Over half of this time is spent on communication and entertainment.
  • Search engines and social networking sites influence the same number of people as magazines and newspapers.
  • Almost half of younger users find new entertainment through social communities and by visiting review and video sharing sites and blogs. Only 25 percent admit to discovering new entertainment through television.
  • Sending email and visiting web sites for personal reasons are now more popular than watching television.
More findings of the study, according to The Center for Media Research (Research Brief » Blog Archive » Americans Spend Half of Their Spare Time Online):
  • Online versus offline sources used to learn about bands, TV shows, movies, games and web sites
  • Community-based activities such as rate/review a product, publish a personal page, upload a video or audio file
  • Influence of user-generated sources and content
  • Fan-related activities
  • Entertainment content accessed online by psycho graphic group
  • Demographics of population and usage among gender, age and income

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