05 June 2007

Experience Music as Never Before

First it was the ad for the iGasm by Ann Summers (for all your sex toys, lingerie and bondage gear needs). The ad was an iPod look-alike advertisement featuring the latest in ladies' gadgets, the iGasm. Ann Summers kept the brand going by recommending the device be used with an iPod. How mad could Apple get? I think they are letting the lawyers settle it now.

Next we have IOrgasm by YTMND, featuring a much more graphic ad, still using the knock-off iPod ad concept. YTMND opened the playing field to all MP3 players or portable music devices.

I am showing these advertisements for what they are--thefts of a copyrighted ad. I am not linking to the websites because I do not want to view them. I do not recommend anyone put electrical devices to their privates.

There are sure to be some horror stories before the recall! LOL

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