14 July 2007

Direct Mail Marketing and "The List"

You have all heard the term, "it's in the list." Your spam email box is probably full of people who have you on "their list." Your mailbox at home is probably crammed with offers from these same people. They are wasting their time, and yours!

So, what is a marketer to do? Well, you could buy lists from a direct mail service like Martin Worldwide, sponsor of this post. Martin Worldwide has the largest, most comprehensive database on the planet, ResponseCom™, which is a database that combines US Response and US Consumer databases. Martin Worldwide has taken the process one step beyond, and they have merged the results of years' of tracking and compiling results, and optimized the data, which is now a wealth of information on proven direct mail responders.

Therefore, if you are looking for direct mail marketing solutions, this is it. No matter what demographics or buying behaviors you wish to target--people who enter sweepstakes, online shoppers, survey takers, rental property owners, online gamers, work at home moms, RV owners, golfers between the ages of 35-54, Internet music purchasers under 22--Martin Worldwide can help you. Then you will have your own "list."


raithe said...

Spam emails are bad :(

CyberCelt said...

@raithe-Thanks for stopping by. I agree. Some people read them and buy things from SPAM. Never understood that.

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