03 August 2007

Abuse of the Do-Follow List

I received a comment today:

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This is a spam comment, one of many I receive each day. I decided to follow the URL and guess what I found? A blogger who is violating the principles of Do-Follow and teaching others to do so.

His working page is copied right from Courtney's D-List. Of course, I left him a message telling what I thought about this scheme. You may see his reaction here. I left a message for Shawn, the comment below mine, on his blog as well.

This problem of spam comments is why a lot of bloggers are dropping off the d-list and putting the no-follow tags back on their blogs. I am going to think about it now. Thanks, Vendredi and Shawn.


Anonymous said...

Balance is required. This is a rule applied to any action or decision executed in life. Turning on the “do follow” plugin will help friendly websites to increase their page rank. That is a brilliant action. As a consequence, you are leaving the door of your house open. Unless you use a filter to avoid spam anybody walking in the street is allow to visit your house.

Anonymous said...

Updated the post and deleted the page. This is real life case study.
Do 1 thing, see the results/feedbacks. Act accordingly. Action / Reaction. Now I know how much one ahte spam. I advised my visitors to STOP doing it. I think nobody has even started.

CyberCelt said...

@kersson-I moderate comments, so I catch the worst of the offenders.

@blogdollar-you will do better without the trickery. Any time you want to leave a true comment on any of my blogs, you are welcome to a link. You got one for your post above.

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