12 August 2007

Blog Your Blessings : Star Nations

May Mother Earth guide your feet.

May Father Sky keep his arms around you.

May Grandfather Sun warm your cold days.

May Grandmother Moon Keep the Glow in your heart.

May the Star Nations Light the way to the next destination,

and the Great Spirit always keep you shielded from the pain.

Blessings to you.

Native American Blessing

View the
August 12, 2007
Perseid Meteor Showers
Link to NASA for more information.

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SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for another great one, and thanks for a great photo and useful link.

The Earth is a wonderful place full of natural miracles, and you bring these home with your BYB posts.

God bless.

Blue Panther said...

Blessings to you too!

Happy BYB Sunday and have a great week ahead.

Anonymous said...

There are prayers and blesings for everything, and it's nice to be able to read and relate to some beautiful ones that we nomally wouldn't hear or read. Thanks.

hotdogman said...

My apologies! Now you are there!

Happy BYB Sunday.

Have a carrot!


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful blessing.

Hope you get to see the meteors :)

Happy BYB Sunday.

kuanyin333 said...

Beautiful as always! Hope you're catching a view of some meteors down there in Texas...we did on Maui!

Susan Demeter said...

Beautiful, amd I LOVE the image to go with! :) Happy BYB Sunday!

CyberCelt said...

@sandy-Thanks you for your thoughtful comment.

@neo-Blessed week to you.

@jump back-I go looking for what I want to say; sometimes I find it, sometimes I do not. I am glad you enjoyed it.

@hotdogman-Okay! I'll be checking! LOL

@msdemmie-I saw the meteors! Not as many as I wanted, but it was great to lay under the stars again.

@kuanyin-I bet y'all saw some great one on Maui. No city lights on the ocean to spoil the view.

@sue-Thanks for stopping by.

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