03 August 2007

Is RSS the Best of Web 2.0?

Interesting summary by eMarketer of a survey that you may purchase on their site. It seems RSS is reported to have substantial business value by 23 percent of survey respondents; 1-in-3 said they used RSS for marketing, but 14 percent did not measure the use of RSS at all.

RSS is the life blood of bloggers, but I would expect marketers, both online and offline, to use RSS feeds. What can you do with RSS? I think I will explore this further in my next post. I am not a RSS-guru, but I think I can steer you to ways in which you may use feeds to provide content, to pull feeds to your site, to serve advertising and to gain subscribers.

Is RSS the Best of Web 2.0? - eMarketer - Read the summary

From the summary:
RSS, like any emerging media, is not for every marketer. TV networks use it with other Web 2.0 tools to reach Internet users. Techies like it because it is flexible and low-maintenance. Learn more about how consumers are using new media.

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