25 June 2008

Recovering Photographs Deleted in Error

I will never forget the time that I copied all the photographs in the My Pictures folder to a CD. I labeled the CD and then I deleted the originals. Guess what? The CD did not work. Four years of my life and my family--GONE.

If this ever happens to you, remember Photo Nose™ Photo Image Recovery Software. You may download and install the PhotoNose program. If you will be recovering photographs from a memory card or camera, attach it to your computer. When the program opens, select the drive or the device you wish scanned. Then let the program run.

It took 2 hours to scan my computer hard drive and 16 minutes to scan my camera's memory card. The program makes at least two passes to recover your photographs. Thumbnails of the photographs appear with a little check box next to them. You select the photographs you wish to recover and push the next button. If you have a license, the photographs magically appear. Otherwise you will be directed to purchase the software.

The standard version of PhotoNose, which will recover images that are jpeg, bmp, tiff, rif and gif formats, costs $29.95. The professional version of PhotoNose is $49.95 and will recover the following image file types: jpeg, bmp, tiff, rif, gif, Cannon (crw, cr2), Kodak (dcr), Minolta (mrw), Nikon (nef), Fuji (raf), Sigma (x3f), Pentax (pef) and Sony (srf). The professional version will also recover the following audio file types: wav, mid, mp3 and mp4; and the following video formats: mpg, mov, avi, asf, mp4.

So if you deleted your wedding, baptism, anniversary or graduation photographs, let PhotoNose "sniff" them out and recover them. No one will ever know that you deleted them!

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