23 August 2008

Blog Your Blessing : Beijing6 Activisits

They are jailing Americans in China for speaking their mind and participating in peaceful demonstrations about human rights abuses in China. Some will blame the individuals who were detained for their own imprisonment. While they certainly knew the chances of spending time in jail were high, their commitment to a free Tibet, and freedom of speech overrode their sense of self-preservation.

Such is the remorseless progression of human society, shedding lives and souls as it goes on its way. It is an ocean into which men sink who have been cast out by the law and consigned, with help most cruelly withheld, to moral death. The sea is the pitiless social darkness into which the penal system casts those it has condemned, an unfathomable waste of misery. The human soul, lost in those depths, may become a corpse. Who shall revive it? -- Victor Hugo
Help Revive the Soul and Free the Land of Tibet

From freetibet2008.org;
Remember why they went, and keep in mind - Americans get 10 days jail, Chinese grannies get one year forced labor, and Tibetans get shot.
For more information, please visit the FreeTibet2008 website.

Breaking news:

BEIJING (AP) (45 minutes ago) — The U.S. Ambassador to China is pressing Chinese officials to immediately release eight Americans who were detained for holding pro-Tibet protests during the Olympics.

Ambassador Clark T. Randt Jr. says in a statement Sunday that Beijing should demonstrate respect for human rights and free speech.

He says U.S. officials are "disappointed that China has not used the occasion of the Olympics to demonstrate greater tolerance and openness."

Randt says consular officials had met with eight Americans who were detained last week by Chinese authorities.

Chinese authorities say the Americans will be released after 10 days detention. The U.S. statement says the detainees have not claimed any maltreatment at the hands of Chinese officials.

~ end AP update ~

Keep these citizen journalists, bloggers and activists in your thoughts. Remember what is happening to these Americans is nothing compared to what happens to ordinary citizens every day under Chinese rule.

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Paulie said...

Makes me appreciate the country I live in even tho it has its faults.

SandyCarlson said...

God bless them for their courage! Thanks for highlighting this issue.

Anonymous said...

They will be in my thoughts and prayers! How scary certain parts of the world are :(

capybara said...

All Credit to you for blogging this. I did a post about a Free Tibet a while ago and China has a terrible human rights record. I have stumbled it too!

Whatever said...

This post makes an interesting counter-point to my posting last week :-) We here in the USA live in a country that is basically sane. And now, here's another country...

CyberCelt said...

@paulie-I think China is particularly bad and hope other countries with repressive regimes do not get the games.

@sandy-Isn't this awful? Thank God, these are Americans and will not just "disappear."

@sue-Support Free Tibet so that all men may breathe free.

@capybara-Thank you so much for you help in spreading the word. Please visit WorldWide Travel blog

@whatever-Can you save repressive? They basically demolished entire portions of Beijing so we would not see how most of the people live. These are there citizens.

Alicia said...

Frightening the things some Countries will do for power and control over a people... how increadibly sad! I pray for our Country to never fall into the trap of Socialism or Communism.
I thank God every day for the privilage I have to worship as I please, to have freedom of speech, to be able to vote, to choose how I want to raise my children... and so on...Thanks for posting this, these Americans will be in my prayers!

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