12 September 2008

Quick Answer to a Question

In response to my post yesterday about comment spam, Mizé asked...

. . . I didn´t know some of the tricks you shared, useful to spot them. I wish I had a spam blocker, do you know any we can use in blogger blogs?

Right click on graphic above to open larger copy in a bigger window

Blogger does not have a very robust spam blocking function. The tools you have are on the Settings Tab under Comments. Please see graphic above for specifics.

3rd Party Commenting Products

HaloScan is a 3rd party product that is fairly simple to set up and to use. I do nog use it, but I see
  • Easy, two-step installation on any weblog or webpage
  • Supports all major blogging platforms
  • Comment moderation
  • Ban offensive commenters by single IP or an IP range
  • Fully customizable comment window
  • Hundreds of user-submitted templates to pick from
  • Worldwide time-zone and language support
  • RSS-XML feed/syndication
  • Manage comments and trackbacks
  • Comments dashboard
  • Comment backup / export feature
  • In-line / embedded comment support
  • Recent comments widget
  • Gravatar support
  • Email notification of new comments
  • Comment spam filters
  • Email support
  • Solid performance
  • On-site backups


Anonymous said...

These are some good ways to get rid of those pesky spammmers. Technology is catching up to bloggers these days it seems.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about this HaloScan program, but it looks like it could be worth of trying.
Blogger has covers some areas, but sometimes it is not enough.

Anonymous said...

Firstly thanks for sharing, Secondly you blog design is excellent some blogs have way to much advertising and are hard to read. I wish your site the all the best for the future.

Kind Regards Loren

CyberCelt said...

@f-zero-Thanks for visiting.

@catrin-Just turn moderation on or use the captcha. That catches a lot of spam.

@far cry2-Thank you very much for your compliment.

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