08 November 2008

Blog Your Blessing : Common Good

God of all nations,
Father of the human family,
we give you thanks for the freedom we exercise
and the many blessings of democracy we enjoy
in these United States of America.

We ask for your protection and guidance
for all who devote themselves to the common good,
working for justice and peace at home and around the world.
We lift up all our duly elected leaders and public servants,
those who will serve us as president, as legislators and judges,
those in the military and law enforcement.

Heal us from our differences and unite us, O Lord,
with a common purpose, dedication, and commitment
to achieve liberty and justice in the years ahead for all people,
and especially those who are most vulnerable in our midst.

Prayer After An Election, Cardinal Adam Maida, Archbishop of Detroit

I felt moved to find and post this prayer. I have read such hate-filled comments and blog posts about our president-elect. I was in grade school when JFK was assasinated in Dallas and high school when RFK and MLK were taken out of this life. I truly believe life would be very different today in the USA if these leaders had lived out their natural lives. That is my wish for President-Elect Obama.

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PERBS said...

I didn't get a posting done for BYB last week but have one up now. Came looking for some early birds. . .

I am looking forward to Obama doing a terrific job as President. He is a blessing to our country!

SandyCarlson said...

Amen, Eileen. I have traipsed through the muck of the mean-spirited, too. Now so many of them are admonishing readers to refrain from saying unkind things about our current president. Who was doing that? It's sad, the state of mind of some folks. I have seen open-faced hatred pretending to be politics and rational discussion and have felt sick to my stomach. I am relieved that the overwhelming number of us are smarter than that.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

May it be so May it be so


Mama Kelly

kuanyin333 said...

Wonderful prayer! And quite agree with you about the mean-spirited stuff! I wrote a post about it on my Who's Yo Mama blog about the attacks on Palin which I didn't like. Even though I was an Obama supporter, I don't see any reason to be mean.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Amen... America has once again shown the world it is the land of opportunity... where the "content of a character" outweighs fears and prejudices... and I hope that this lesson is something that lasts for a long while.

Anonymous said...

Obama gives us all hope! And thankfully as the world now can see those nasty American bloggers are only in the very few. I wish your country all the best :)

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