15 November 2008

Next Government Bailout?

Y! is trading for $10 per share. BigG is priced under $300. Do you think the next governmental bailout will involve search engines?

Scary thinking about it. Where does it stop? Everyday Americans are expected to pay their debt or to lose their cars and homes or to open themselves to lawsuits and garnishment of wages.

Federal agencies, automobile manufacturers, and quasi-governmental entities are bailed out by the government.

It is time for everyone, every agency, every company, every CEO and board, to become fiscally responsible for the actions of their respective organizations. There should be no more bailouts.

Perhaps if we held the bigwigs responsible and attached their personal fortunes to the health of their organizations, honesty in business would become the byword.

We can hope.


Anonymous said...

This is a tough subject. I hate giving my money to all these companies, but I understand that if they fail many will lose jobs and the economy will plunge even further. But at the same time where do we draw the line on who gets bailed out and who does not?

Unknown said...

a very hard line to draw indeed

wonder how, what & when changes will come into effect into 2009-2010 on the economic front

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