25 December 2008

What to Call a Fake Facebook Group?

Buzz Marketing Daily: Facebookgate #2013 Raises Great Points About Authenticity & Social Media in Higher Ed

College Prowler, whose motto is the ONLY college guides written by students for students, hired interns to create 250+ Class of 2013 groups on Facebook. There was a core group of members in all 250+ groups. Supposedly the members were high school seniors; however, when investigated, several of the members of the groups had already graduated from college.

There’s something going down on Facebook. Pay attention. | SquaredPeg

Brad J. Ward of SquaredPeg found the following ad on Craigs list (it has been deleted since).
Viral Marketing Internship (Spring Semester)
An internship that combines the addicting glory of facebook with viral marketing? It’s true. College Prowler Inc., the Pittsburgh-based publisher of the only complete series of college insiders’ guides written by students, is actively seeking an unpaid viral marketing intern who has a solid understanding of the web, social networking, and interactive marketing.
This is mind boggling to me. If the interns had spent the same amount of time setting up real groups and recorded a viral video, fun contest or giveaway, the social network would have worked.

Honesty is not optional and deception is always exposed. Ask Edelman, Zipatoni, McDonalds and Sony. All these companies have launched fake blogs, supposedly written by "real people."

What to call a fake Facebook group? Fooks? Fookers?

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