14 March 2009

Email Attitudes and Usage Study

Actionable Information for Marketers From the
Annual Consumer Email Attitudes and Usage Study

Merkle is one of the fastest growing database marketing agencies in the USA. Merkle helps clients design, execute and evaluate integrated customer marketing programs. One of the channels used is opt-in email marketing. The 7th annual study of consumer attitudes and email usage outlines the importance of opt-in email marketing in developing brands and influencing customer behavior.

Download White Paper (PDF) View from the Inbox 2009

From the Executive Summary:
Email continues to be a popular marketing communications channel in today’s challenging economic climate due to its low cost-per-contact and its ability to provide direct, measurable results. . . . The Merkle View from the Inbox report helps guide marketers through this changing landscape.
If you are an email marketer, this white paper should be on your desktop this Spring. The cost of continuing with outdated email marketing practices is high: 30% of opt-in recipients stopped doing business with at least one company due to their poor email marketing practices.

For an excellent summary of the study, please read MediaPost Publications Opt-In Email Next Best After Family and Friends 03/13/2009.

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