12 September 2009

Equal time for bad ads

I am sure there is one ad that makes you cringe when you see it. For me, it is those stupid Sonic advertisements with the couple or the two men. AUUUGGGGHHHH! Well, do not let those bad ads send your blood pressure up or throw shoes at the TV when the bad ads air. Now, there is something you can do. Submit the worst ad to The Tracy Awards for Bad Ads.

I like this. You may submit any ad that you really hate. It is easy to do and you may be an anonymous nominator if you wish. Submit a TV ad, a print ad, a billboard, a website . . .

The winners (losers) will be sent a Tracy. All the ads that win Tracys will be nationally publicized as The Worst Advertising of 2009.

From The Tracy Awards website:
There's A Lot of Bad Advertising Out There

Ever see advertising that's so horrendous, you wish you could somehow get back at whoever made it by burning down their house and nominating them for an award of some sort for bad advertising?

If so, your wish is about to come true.

While you are visiting, look at some of the entries on the Cream of the Crap page. I have this site bookmarked so that when I see ads of Tracy caliber, I can easily submit them. This is going to be very entertaining. Check it out.


SandyCarlson said...

I wish there were a way to submit the entire Disney Channel, on which every program is an ad for something else Disney and the child stars are marketed as sex symbols and on and on.

Thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...

I like the dynamic Google ads you find sometimes from companies like eBay and Ask.com.

Dennis Gibson said...

I'm also wisihg about that Sandy. Its really sad how our children idolized some Disney celebrities with bad images.

Ganesh said...

Hey, I totally agree with you on this point

San Diego Homes Sale said...

As a San Diego Realtor, my biggest pet peeve is the poorly written MLS listing. Specifically, I frequently see "Great Home In A Quite Neighborhood". Not quite professional!

Dean Saliba said...

Oh do not get me started on adverts!

I find myself no longer watching TV or listening to radio because the adverts send me into such a rage that I want to put my foot through the screen or stereo!

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