25 October 2011

Free 101 Marketing Quotes eBook

Maggie Georgieva, Inbound Marketing Manager for HubSpot has made available 
101 Marketing Quotes (PDF) for a free download.

These 101 quotes have been collected from interviews, articles, best-selling books and conferences. Enjoy them and share them with co-workers and friends in need of some inspiration. 

In this eBook you will find wisdom from:

* Chris Brogan
* Seth Godin
* Ann Handley
* Steve Garfield


This quote really resonated with me: 

Before you create any more “great content,” figure out how you are going to market it first." Joe Pulizzi and New Barrett, authors of  Get Content Get Customers

 Download it and put it with the rest of your PDFs.  One day soon, when you need some inspiration, use it.


Menachem Lifshitz said...

glad to see Seth's name in there. online marketing won't be the same without him.

cwiter said...

thank's for information,, ^_^


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