21 March 2012

Support Social Good Without Donating $$$

Via: Wpromote

There have been many complaints about Facebook advertising and how the how social media marketing is just a way to market brands.

The infographic above shows how some brands are using social media marketing and then donating a portion of income for social good:
  • One millions shoes for children, 
  • 13,000 trees planted, 
  • 78 improved playgrounds, 
  • 123 improved schools,
  • 21 foster homes and housing facilities, and
  • $100,150,000 cash. 
These donations add up. Five brands have made a real difference.  The social good has surpassed the irritation of advertising on social networks. Curious if the brands would make the same donations if they were unable to engage directly with their subscribers and followers through social media.

So when you see a "click here" or "like" for a cause, take a moment to see if the action leads to a social good you support. If it does, take another moment to complete the action. This is one way that you may support social good without donating money.


dpsingh said...

Very helpful and impotent information share in this post. I like this post.

PGDM in Delhi NCR

Unknown said...

This is really nice. Thank you so much for sharing with us

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