09 July 2006

Good News for Advocates of Behavioral Targeting

According to Jupiter Research (Effective Targeting, Vision Report, June 7, 2006), advertisers for products with long purchase cycles, such as automobiles, are using behavioral targeting with great success. Those advertisers who added behavioral targeting to their campaign mix claimed to be 17 percent more satisfied with their digital marketing programs than traditional marketers.

Definitions of Behavioral Targeting in report include:

Extended content targeting - advertiser is targeting someone who has looked at a particular type of content as defined by both the advertisers and the publisher. Then they target an ad to that person when they have moved to different content.

Purchase intent targeting - advertiser is looking for someone engaged in the buying cycle as demonstrated by researching a product or talking about buying.

If you would like more information on Behavioral Targeting, please view One Answer to Problem of Behavioral Targeting, a post on CoolAdzine for Marketers.

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