14 January 2007

Money4Blogs is the real thing

I discovered Money4Blogs about a month ago. I submitted my three blogs and was contacted within a matter of days by email.

Money4Blogs made me an offer for text link(s) on three of my blogs for one year. The size of the offer depends upon the popularity, page rank and age of the blogs. I accepted the offer and sent them my PayPal address. Money4Blogs supplied me with the code for the links; I pasted the link into my blogs, sent an email saying I the links were live; I was paid with 24 hours by PayPal. Last week, I went back to Money4Blogs and submitted my blogs again. I was contacted and paid the same amount to post another textlink.

I just wanted you to know that Money4Blogs is a paying site. All of the links and related sites are reputable finance webpages, with no illegal or obscene content.

All you need is your blog URLs, your email address and your blog page rank. Go here and submit your blogs and see what happens. It was a pleasure doing business with a company that does what they claim in an understated and professional manner.

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Anonymous said...

How do you find out your page rank?

My blog http://matt608.blogspot is on page 1 of google for a number of phrases, e.g. 'AGLOCO viewbar', but what would I tell money4blogs?

maria said...

WOuld love an answer to the
previous question.

Also, what are the fees paid?


maria said...

Thanks for answering my questions.
Very appreciated.


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