13 February 2007

Google This . . .

Okay, now I am getting a little ticked off at Google. They have put the word verification back on CoolAdzine for Marketers blog and Texas RV Travel blog because their robot uncovered:
characteristics of a spam blog. (What's a spam blog?) Since you're an actual person reading this, your blog is probably not a spam blog. Automated spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and we sincerely apologize for this false positive.
Now I await their review with baited breath. I have had these three blogs for years on blogger. They told me I should use the *new* and *improved* blogger. One of the main reasons I did this is because they said they would take the word verification off when I was posting. Now I have these ugly blogs that really do not have as many *features* and *upgrades* as promised. I have to fill in the word verification to even save a draft. AUUUUGGGGHHHH

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