13 February 2007

Unclutter your blog or website with DHTML

I have been looking for a way to integrate drop-down navigation menus to my websites. On my RV travel website, I have many submenus that I wish to be navigable, but not to clutter the navigation interface.

In fact, I have been thinking of have 2-3 different navigation paths through my website. Some people are looking for tourism type information, so I could route them through one way. Others are looking for maintenance tips and parts and accessories for their older RV, so they would follow another path. Still others are looking for the social aspect of RV travel, so I could direct their steps to what the information they want.

While I have just about decided what pages would be on which path, I have been stymied by the limitations of my FrontPage web software until I discovered the AllWebMenus DHTML Menu builder.

AllWebMenus is a DHTML/JavaScript menu builder lets users create any kind of drop down or popup menu for their website without any experience with DHTML or knowledge of JavaScript. AllWebMenus supports popular web page authoring packages like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Adobe Golive, Visual InterDev, HomeSite and CuteHTML

You can visit the Likno website, sponsor of this post, to view the demo or to download the fully functional trial version of AllWebMenus. With this software, you may design drop-down or popup menus on the WYSIWYG interface and test the appearance and behavior of your menus in the simulated cross-platform browser.

Once you purchase AllWebMenus Pro or AllWebMenus Lite, you may customize your menus with predefined themes and link these menus to your website with a few clicks. As a registered user, you receive complete support from the AllWebMenus team, access to detailed documentation, automatic notification of updates, and all updates of version 4 as they are released.

You will also gain access to the Likno user area where you may download the AllWebMenus Manual in PDF, get instant information by browsing the Hints, Tips & Troubleshooting section, learn how to use AllWebMenus features with demonstrations, and contact Likno Support.

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