08 March 2007

Baseball, been verrry, verrry good to me

Door Number 3 handled all aspects of the campaign for The Texas Rangers baseball team. They l launched an outdoor, radio and TV campaign to boost its fan base.

Three TV ads each use the tag line, You Could Use Some Baseball, and demonstrate the unmanly activities in which men engage when it is not baseball season.
  • Candles features a young couple smelling candle scents.
  • Jousting shows a man looking for ways to bond with his son and failing miserably.
  • Talent Show is a parody of shows where viewers determine the fate of the contestants.

Billboards were erected throughout Dallas with messages such as Pop Fly is not a rap star and First base has nothing to do with kissing. Imaginative and funny, although it could be that marketers are misreading men. What do you think?

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