16 March 2007

Bloggers May Be the Future of Journalism

According to a recent We Media/Zogby Interactive poll, viewers are dissatisfied with traditional journalism and are becoming more dependent on bloggers and social networking sites to supplement their news.

A whopping 90 percent of respondents said that trustworthiness plays a large part in deciding the influence social networking sites and blogs over journalism, over one-half of respondents stated that internet-based media presents the greatest opportunity for the future of journalism, and 76 percent indicated that the Internet has a positive effect on the quality of journalism.

Items of interest included:
  • 55 percent claim to be dissatisfied with traditional news outlets;
  • 61 percent say traditional journalism is out of touch with what they want from news;
  • 86 percent believe bloggers will play an important part in the future of journalism;
  • 72 percent state that journalism is important to their community.
The leading news sources were websites (81 percent), television (78 percent), radio (73 percent), newspapers (69 percent) and magazines (38 percent).

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is my source for news and the writers are usually 90 percent accurate about what is going on in the world. It is a sad state of affairs when comedy TV is more reliable than FOX news network. What do you think about this? Can bloggers save journalism?


Whatever said...

Skiing always symbolizes a "small fear" that seemed overwhelming to me at the time. Looking down a slope and thinking "OMG, I'm gonna die! I'M GONNA DIE!" Once I learned that yes, I can do this, it was transformed into joy: "This is gonna be fun!"

annalaura said...

I am not surprised. Blogs are increasing in popularity. I know I sure read a lot of them.

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