06 March 2007

Earn Money For Your Favorite School, Church or Charity

Donate your used cartridges and cell phones to benefit a school or nonprofit group. Shop with your recycling earnings for great technology and recreation equipment, books, supplies and more!

If you are a parent in Texas you know that our education system is in big trouble. Financial trouble. As a substitute teacher, I see the hardships that budget cuts impose on teachers, parents and coaches. That is why I was excited to find the FundingFactory.

Now, schools, churches, daycare centers, and other nonprofit groups can Get paid for recycling used printer cartridges and cell phones with FundingFactory. FundingFactory provides you with all the FREE tools you need to run a successful cartridge and cell phone recycling program for your nonprofit. Free boxes, free shipping, free promotional materials and free online accounting!

This is incredible. Make sure you tell everyone you know with children about FundingFactory. Never sell another candy bar, overpriced giftwrap and candles or beef jerkey again! Earn real money for your organization.

You will also be making a huge impact on the environment. Many people do not know that toner cartridges and cell phone batteries contain hazardous materials that may leach into the ground water. They should never be sent to a landfill.

This is a win-win situation for sure!

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