14 March 2007

Internet Marketing Success eBook

This free e-book shows you how to focus your marketing efforts on developing local customers, using the power of the Internet. Simply submit your email address on the website and you will be reading the secrets of a successful marketer, Caroline Melberg. Ms. Melberg wants your e-mail address to send you a free weekly ezine, Small Business Maverick Secrets and occasional special offers from time to time.

The e-book will explain the differences between local media, Internet media, mainstream press, bloggers, and trade magazines. It will show you how to use public relations to enhance your marketing, teach you the eleven business milestones for which you should write a press release and how to write the release, describe how to find the best distribution outlets, and help you to follow up and track your success.

Download this free e-book with no further obligation. If you do not like what you read or you decide Internet marketing is not your thing, you keep the free e-book and cancel your subscription to the ezine.

While you are on the website, make sure you look at the tools, articles and the blog for even more information. There is apparently a Small Business Mavericks Members Only Forum, an online community

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