13 March 2007

Never Lose a Link Again With BookmarkAll

My laptop computer cratered a few weeks ago. I had not backed up my bookmarks folder, so I lost my bookmarks, my links to all my favorite websites and blogs. Before that, I probably would not have noticed BookmarkAll. Now, however, I see the worth in using this service. If you keep your bookmarks online, you may access them from any computer, anywhere in the world. Never lose a link again!

To use BookmarkAll, create a free account and you are ready to store your favorites online. Through the use of topics, your bookmarks are stored under a main category. You decide what bookmark topic you wish to use. You can choose to store your links under specific topics like TRAVEL, you may also choose to name a group of sites you visit regularly, such as TRAFFIC EXCHANGES or FORUMS. After you name your main topic group, you are able to add links, using categories and keywords to refine your favorites.

You may also choose to share your links on a specific topic by making them public topics, publish your favorite links on your blog, keep your links private, allow selected access to related sites or restrict sites to friends and family.

You may want to add BookmarkAll Toolbar 2.0 to your browser to enable you to add links to your www.BookmarkAll.com online bookmark account easily. There is an extension for FireFox and a plugin for Internet Explorer.

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Shelly said...

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Thanks, Shelly

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