28 March 2007

Search With Kevin Federline ... ?

SearchWithKevin is a new search engine that offers you the chance to win prizes from Kevin Federline every time you search. Or, should I say, a CHANCE at prizes every time you search. On the site right now it says that within the past 5 hours four lucky people (?) have won an Entry into Autograph Sweepstakes.

Other prizes up for grabs are a Kevin Federline 8x10 autographed, Kevin Federline T-Shirt, autographed Playing With Fire CD, and an entry into the autograph sweepstakes! Woo-woo. I guess a trip to Hawaii prize will not be added soon.

The search engine site run by Prodege and uses Yahoo results that rewards you for searching with K-Fed.
PRODEGE is adding value to the concept of Internet search. By customizing and incentivizing the search process, musicians, record labels, brands, non-profit organizations and lifestyle companies have a new opportunity to connect with fans, while fans have a new and exciting way to find information on the web. PRODEGE'S search engines are powered by leading search engines which ensures the users search experience and results will be consistently stellar.
Add Search with K-Fed to your Mozilla Firefox or Safari browser, download an Internet Explorer toolbar, or just bookmark this page: I’m the best, I rule, come test my tools!

Help a man out of his money troubles . . . search with K-Fed.

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