25 March 2007

Want a new car or truck?

We all would love to drive new cars. However, most of us replace our Used Cars with other used cars. It saves us time, money and all that angst when someone dings our door or backs into our bumper. We are hoping to replace our 20-year-old Ford van with a pickup truck that can tow a travel trailer. We have been looking at the Toyota Tacoma, but they are so expensive when new.

Enter LemonFree.com, sponsor of this post, a free automobile classifieds service with a built-in search technology to quickly locate used vehicles within a specific geographical area. There is a private messaging system built into the search interface, so you can ask questions of the seller while you are viewing the listing.

Are you selling a used car? You can complete your classifieds listing quickly and have it showing in the search results at LemonFree.com within minutes of verifying your email address. Upload up to 10 pictures of your vehicle and use as many words as you wish to describe the features. Even better, you can list your car for free until it sells on LemonFree.com.

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Sue said...

WoooHooo Cyber Celt! You are blog of the day on the PPP website!!! Just wanted to shout out the good news .. :)

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