09 March 2007

Secrets of Google AdWords

Most of us are not marketing mavens. We struggle with advertising, search engine marketing and website optimization. We scratch our heads while determining keywords and buzzwords. Many of us grimace while decoding acronyms and esoteric SEO terms.

Do you need some help with all these things? Check out this new e-book, 37 Killer AdWords Pay-Per-Click Secrets Exposed, co-written by a former Google insider.

If your marketing could use a boost, discover effective little-known strategies of making Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising work for you. Start earning money with your PPC marketing or just gain a better understanding about the world of pay per click advertising.

Act now and you will receive 5 secrets out of the full 37 secrets, or chapters, in PDF. You too can create winning Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Just use the tested words, format and ad structure.

The free secrets include: How to write attention-getting PPC ads, including a distinctive headline, and which words in your PPC ads encourage click through. What is ad split testing and why should you never let Google choose your ad when split testing? Learn how to create PPC ads with specific punctuation marks and capitalization that may lead to a larger response.

Get access to a free mini e-Book with 5 of 37 secrets, from an inside perspective. What do you have to lose?

While you are visiting the site, watch the streaming video that shows you how to use a sub domain in your Google ad to give your site a quick boost!

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1 comment:

Talia Mana, Centre for Emotional Well-Being said...

Learning about google adwords is on my to do list
Thanks for the info

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