26 April 2007

Be Unique at Bids4Prizes and Win

Bid4Prizes has a totally new way to play, unlike any other auction site. I guess you could say it is a game site! Bid4Prizes has lots of great products, like computers, cell phones, games, cars and HDTVs.

All you have to do is register for a Bids4Prizes membership, pick your prize and enter your bid. You may use your cell phone to place your bid or you may enter your bid by clicking on the image of the prize on the bid4prizes site. You will receive a text message from Bids4Prizes that informs you if your bid is unique, low, high or duplicate.

Then, by following the game tips that that will be sent to you by Bid4Prizes, you modify your bid and wait for the auction to end. When it does, if you are the low unique bidder, you win! Even better, you do not have to pay for anything but shipping (and taxes, of course).

If you do not win the auction, you will still earn points for bidding that may be spent at the online Bids4Prizes store.

I am going to bid on the iPhone. I would give it to my step-son, who is a gadget lover, but is fiscally challenged since he has had to start paying his bills! LOL

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