19 April 2007

Mind Mapping? Just Try It!

The term, mindmapping, has an ominous ring to it. Rather than being something of which you should be afraid, mindmapping describes the 3d Project Management Software solution from Topicscape.

In this project management review, I will just highlight some of the features. Whether you are trying to organize the structure of a technical manual, develop a platform and five-pronged strategy for a political campaign, manage the distribution of materiels and fuel in Iraq or plan and schedule the next three phases of your construction project, 3d Topicscape Management Software, sponsor of this post, is the tool to use.

Not only is the user interface intuitive for individuals who use keyboard shortcuts, but also for those who use the mouse and scroll bar to navigate the screen. There are drop-down menus and right-click menus, allowing you to start a new project, name the project and add subordinate categories as easy as 1-2-3.

The types of projects that may be mapped are limitless. Use mindmapping to preserve every reference in a government publication, track every change in a Ph.D. proposal, diagram a manufacturing process or visualize a nanosurgerical procedure. This is an incredible tool for project management . Download a demo today and try it.

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