17 April 2007

Open Source Software Wins Awards

WinSCP is a free Secure File Transfer Protcol (SFTP), FTP (File Transfer Protcol) and SCP (Secure Copy) client for Windows. Secure FTP is a program that uses Security Shell (SSH) to transfer files or to tunnel indirect connections through proxy servers. Unlike standard FTP, it encrypts both commands and data.

You can not use a standard FTP client client to talk to an SFTP server, nor connect to a FTP server with a SFTP client. This is where WinSCP becomes extremely useful. When you transfer files via WinSCP from your machine to another, such as from work to home or to another office, the security of these files is protected. WinSCP offers a simple user interface that offers basic file management. You may also back up your files by using scripting and automation feature with Windows task scheduler.

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