26 April 2007

Rag on Mags

Advertising Age - MediaWorks - Mags March Calmly Into Face of Chaos

. . . the last 18 months have seen axes fall on magazines both niche and broad, including Life, Child, Premiere, Elle Girl, FHM, Shop Etc., Teen People, Cargo, Official PlayStation Magazine, Weekend, Celebrity Living, Shape en Espanol and Shock.

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What I find most interesting about the lack of connectivity between online and magazines is that little to no progress has been made about using digital extensions that could really elevate the user experience and brand loyalty.

I grew up reading Life and Time magazines. I put my magazines aside to read when we travel and then I take them to the VA Hospital, which never has any good reads.

I do have digital magazine subscriptions, but there is something about the feel of a magazine, the recipes, coupons and samples, that cannot be duplicated online. I hope the publishers "get it" before they disappear into history. What magazines do you read? Online or off?

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