27 April 2007

Space Kits for the Future

Every day on television, children are bombarded with advertisements for food, toys, video games, videos, downloads, cell phones, theme parks, and many other accouterments of our consumer society. Now, I am not saying that the root of all evil is consumerism, but I think that we might serve our children better if we stimulate scientific inquiry and natural discovery, rather than their visual and auditory senses. "What? How am I going to do that?" you say. Easy, invest some money in the mind of your children. Purchase science kits that will open a world of wonder and the process of scientific inquiry to your children.

When my son was about eight years old, I underwent training as a water quality monitor. My son and I would go to the river once a month to test the water. My son would carry the water bucket for me and watch while I tested the water for dissolved oxygen, pH and turbidity. As he grew older, he wanted to learn how to test the water, so I purchased a Water Safety Kit for him.

As Mac grew, his interest waned in water quality, but I noticed that he loved to take things apart to see how they worked. He took his grandfather's older computer apart to see how it worked. Hoping to stimulate his curiosity, I purchased a couple of kits that included solder and wires, similar to the Learn to Solder Kit. Then he graduated to robotics and integrated circuits. I will never forget him, surrounded by pieces of printed circuit boards.

Make a memory today. Sciencekits.com, the sponsor of this post, has Science Project Kits, Chemistry Sets, Electronics and Electricity Kits, AmeriKit Electronic Educational Kits, Robot Kits, Environmental Science Project Kits, Anatomy Models, Astronomy and Crystal Growing.


Cade said...

I feel like I have so many kits that I have to put together. That is crazy what people think of.

CyberCelt said...

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