03 May 2007

Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall

One of my oldest friends called me a few weeks ago. She was struggling with a son who appears to be is using drugs or alcohol. She said she was not sure, but she thought he was abusing something because his behavior and looks had changed so much. She did not know where to turn or what to do to help him.

Luckily for my friend, she found the help she needed to have her son diagnosed and entered into a drug treatment program. She called many programs directly, but she realized she might spend days on the phone before she found a facility or program that would help her son.

She finally decided to try a drug rehab referral program. At 4rehabilitation.com, sponsor of this post, she found information about the tools and resources available to help her in making an informed and intelligent decision.

Into every life a little fain must fall. Do not let the rain become a deluge that sweeps away your family. The program my friend used was 4rehagilitation.com, and their toll free number is 1-877-84-SOBER (877-847-6237).


Sandy Carlson said...

Drugs and alcohol are seductive amelioratives for a little while. That's great your friend picked up on it and found some help. My friend has a site that has a coping with alcoholism page that offers great resources. It's accessible through the www.standingunderthesky.us toolbar on the home page. It's amazing how visited that page is.

CyberCelt said...

@sandy-I will visit that link. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you.

Hugh said...

I am sorry your friend had these problems, but I am glad help was available. So many get lost in drugs and alcohol and never seem to find there way out.

CyberCelt said...

@hugh-thanks for your thoughtful comment.

Vedis Teh said...

HO, cybercelt, it's definitely saddening to see someone close to you get involved.

My brother-in-law is one..Yes..true story..

ginna said...

CyberCelt, I feel sad for the problem which your friend faced.Drugs, alcohols and other related substances do no good to health and once addicted to them, it is very hard to recover back. It is nice that your fried found a way.I think the best way to recover from this problem is to seek a good rehab center that provides personal care to the people afflicted and help them recover from such serious disorders.
Thanks for sharing a useful story.

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