09 May 2007

M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e as Terrorist

Mickey Mouse, pastels, hand puppets and teaching terrorism? I thought this was a joke. I did not believe the video clip I saw was real. It was a children's show in Palestine, advocating violence, suicide and terrorism. This means that the generational curse is being passed to the children earlier.

PA pulls Hamas TV children`s program with mock Mickey Mouse advocating violence - Haaretz - Israel News
Mustafa Barghouti said the use of the cartoon character in such a role represented a mistaken approach to the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation.
"The world loves children and this [show] is just going against the grain of humanity," Diane Disney Miller told the New York Daily News.


Cade said...

This is horrific. I can't believe that people would stoop this low. They are manipulating something as positive as mickey mouse into a terrorist. How sick and twisted is that? People need to wake up.

Dave said...

This is jacked up stuff. Who uses Mickey to kill?

Sandy Carlson said...

That's wild. It just shows, too, that it doesn't take more than a little craziness to upset very delicate situations and to set peace processes back. What are people thinking in their own little minds that such things are worthwhile?

CyberCelt said...

@cade-I know! That is why I thought it was a joke. Its not... so sad.

@dave-this was a real children's show on TV in Palestine.

@sandy carlson-I wish I knew the answer. What mother would want her child to watch this show?

MArtin said...

They said they were going to cancel it but it was on the other day

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