07 June 2007

Leave Paris Alone

I feel sorry for Paris Hilton. At The 2007 MTV Movie Awards she looked shocked when the crowd cheered the proposal that she go to jail early. Then the host, Sarah Silverman, suggested that the bars of the jail cell should be painted to look like penises so the heiress will feel at home.

I do not follow her antics, but she reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith. Paris is rich and beautiful, but she seems to make all the wrong choices. Everyone follows her around with a camera, hoping to find her snorting something or drinking something, and I think it should stop.

We just saw what total emphasis on beauty, sex and money did to Anna Nicole Smith. Do we want Paris to be afraid to go to a hospital and to die alone in her home? I hope that this time at home will give her some time to get her life together. I do not think she will miss being in the limelight.

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