06 June 2007

Macho Mailboxes

We live outside the city limits. Not quite in the country, but close enough for mailbox baseball. Late at night, when everyone is asleep, young men in cars bash mailboxes with baseball bats. The bats were wood, now they are made of aluminum so they do not break.

It has been awhile since we lost a mail box, but I guess our number was up. We awoke yesterday to find our mailbox laying in the ditch, crushed beyond repair. Rather than just going to Wal-Mart to buy another, we decided to look around for something different, something a little more rugged than the standard mailbox.

We visited SeattleLuxe, sponsor of this post, to look at baseball-bat resistant Mailboxes. They have them! How about a solid-steel curb vault? If we really wanted to be cruel, we could pick a heavy-duty mailbox that is constructed of 12-gauge high-strength steel. These mailboxes will support up to 21,780 pounds!

Can you imagine some kid leaning out of the car window, bashing mailboxes to beat the band. Then, when he hits that 12 gauge steel mailbox, the bat action would stop. It would probably break his arm. They could not even run over the mailbox because it would total their car! We probably will not spend the $350+ for one of these, but it was nice fantasizing about it. LOL

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