31 July 2007

Do You Use Webcasts in Your Marketing?

Research Brief » Blog Archive » Offering Archived Webcasts Improves Registration Measurably

The report shows that registration and attendance is cyclical depending on the time of year or week:
  • 47% of registrations occur in the 10 days before a scheduled webcast, with over 10 percent registering on the day of the webcast.
  • December, June and August registered the highest rates of registrant-to-attendee conversion (64.71 percent, 58.43 percent and 57.14 percent, respectively).
  • The lowest registration rates occurs over the weekend; the highest are on Monday (23 percent), Tuesday (21 percent), and Wednesday (19 percent).
  • Video webcasts attract a higher average number of registrants and attendees with conversion ratios over 50 percent.
  • Additional registrants and attendees will view archived webcasts.
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