31 July 2007

Sell Your Products Online

When I was a young child, I would set up my shop with pine cones, pine needles, shells, rocks and nuts. After awhile, my friends quit coming around when I had my store set up. I had to be the shopkeeper and everything had to be the way I wanted. After all, it was MY store.

Do you want to sell your artwork, jewelry, e-books, scrapbook supplies, clothing, web designs or other wares online? It is a big step to sell online and you face hard questions:
Ashop Commerce, sponsor of this post, provides e-commerce software, a hosted shopping cart that may be used by anyone who wants to sell online. Their shopping cart software supports small to medium sized Internet businesses who wish to add e-commerce to the mix of services provided. Ashop Commerce shopping cart software allows you to build and to manage an online store from anywhere in the world you have web access.

Look at these features:
  • web-based software, no installation required;
  • safe and secure interface allows you to accept credit cards online;
  • affordable, fully featured, easy-to-use shopping cart software;
  • customize your store design to showcase your products; and,
  • try it free for ten days.


Anonymous said...

I know just how you feel. When I was a kid I made my best friend cry when I fired her from my lemonade stand.

She just wasn't cost effective.

CyberCelt said...

@bryan - LOL. She wasn't cost effective. Did she drink up more lemonade than she sold?

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